Friday, April 11, 2008

They Write, But Can They Speak?

A couple of folks think we know something about drug and device law.

That's a "couple" as in "two": Bexis thinks Herrmann knows something, and Herrmann thinks Bexis knows something.

Good news: Someone else has fallen for it, too! The two of us will be co-hosting the American Conference Institute's Drug and Device Preemption Conference in Philadelphia from July 14 through 16, 2008. Here's the conference brochure. The conference will feature an all-star cast, including many of the lawyers on the defense side of the preemption trilogy of Riegel, Kent, and Levine in the Supreme Court.

Unlike the ACI deal, our other upcoming talk is awfully wide of our power alley, as any reader of this blog well knows.

Herrmann will be speaking at the Wisconsin State Bar Annual Convention on Thursday, May 8, on a panel titled, "This Blog's For You!" (Here's a link to the conference materials.)

One of us on blogging?

Soon they'll be asking us to speak about fashion trends.

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